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Home Beer Brewing

We will only carry your basic needs at our new site that include brewing kits, airlocks, sanitizers, etc.


All orders need to be done by email to gm@obbsc.com or phone (919) 437-8469. Please use the LD Carlson public catalog located on thier website at http://www.ldcarlson.com to view your product numbers.

We still have a number of items in stock and will be listing them on our website and Facebook. We will be available on site Friday and Saturday from 11a.m. to 4 p.m. Any questions please give us a call.

The purchasing of kits and Co2 change outs will be on the days we are open. Please check our website and Facebook for further information. We will beat any advertised price on non-sale items.

Kegerators & Kegging Equipment

We carry custom built kegerators, kegging equipment, CO2 cylinders, air and beer line, korney kegs, beer taps, and assorted fittings.

All grains, yeast, hops, and DME, LME, are on sale now. Check our webpage for on going sales and pricing.


Sale Items

3-1/2 gallon carboys
Traditional dark malt DME 3-lbs
Bavarian Wheat  DME 3-lbs
All 40-pint beer kits
Easy clean 8oz.
Fast Rack complete was $22
Carboy brushes

WYEAST Yeast Sale for $5.00

A1010 American Wheat
A1028 London Ale
A1084 Irish Ale
A1275 Thames Valley
A1332 Northwest Ale
A2007 Pilsen Lager
A2035 American Lager
A2112 California Lager
A2278 Czech Pils
A1762 Belgian Abbey Ale II
A3333 German Wheat
A3522 Belgian Ardennes
A3724 Belgian Saison
A3944 Belgian Whitiber
A3056 Bavarian Wheat


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